Bosman Twyfeling Cinsaut 2017 Wellington SA

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
Model: art. 8044

Naam: Bosman


Druivenras: Cinsaut 100%

Land: Zuid-Afrika

Herkomst: Wellington


5* Silver Platter

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“The renaissance of Cinsaut is apon us. I would be quite proud if we could reclaim it as a South African viticulture heritage and I hope this wine will help pave the way”.
Corlea Fourie, winemaker.

Taster:  Lovely fresh berry flavours with hints of tobacco, spice and savouriness. Luscious and concentrated. A bold wine with an elegant structure.

Varietal: Cinsaut.

Occasion: Gift, impress your boss, dazzle a date, elegant meal, wine circles.

Goes with: A perfect accompaniment to an antipasti platter with cured meat.  With mains of barbequed meat, pasta and pizza dishes.

Ageing: 2 – 15 years.

Serving Temperature: “Slightly cool” 17 – 21 ºC


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